Corporate Policy

Company Leadership of Zollner Elektronik AG

Our management, from left to right:

  • Thomas Schreiner
  • Christian Zollner
    Member of the Board
  • Johann Weber
  • Manfred Zollner
    Chairman of the Supervisory Board
  • Manfred Zollner jun.
    Member of the Board
  • Ludwig Zollner
    Member of the Board



The basic principles

To which basic principles do we as employees and leadership feel obligated?

  • Trust
    We can depend on each other and interact with mutual appreciation.
  • Holistic responsibility
    We keep the corporation in mind as a whole and are proud of our collective achievements.
  • Professionalism
    Our work is goal-oriented, and we take advantage of our strengths and capabilities.
  • Adaptability
    We embrace change, are innovative and possess the courage to face the unknown and continuously further develop ourselves.
  • Efficiency
    We concentrate on what is most important, and we continuously improve our quality, time and cost.
  • Performance
    We are implementation experts and place results for our customers and Zollner at the forefront.

The guiding principles

What is the purpose of the company, and what are our convictions?

  • We are a professional mechatronics service provider and offer individual sector solutions along the entire value-added chain.
  • We deliver customer benefit and competitive advantages across the complete lifecycle of products and services.
  • We bank on long-term, good faith partnerships.
  • We are continuously improving our innovative performance, quality and sustainability.
  • We continuously improve ourselves, which ensures productivity and process excellence.
  • We are fast, uncomplicated and utilize the synergies between our business areas and functions.
  • We count on qualified and motivated employees, on responsibility, initiative and team spirit.
  • We generate an adequately high profit to remain financially independent and be able to invest in the future.
  • As a family-owned company, our orientation is long-term, and we put our faith in organic, healthy growth while committing ourselves to our social responsibility.

The strategy

We possess a solid, multi-year strategy and derive from that our goals, budgets and projects. This is an important prerequisite to orientation, clarity and implementation.