Zandt Headquarters

New Warehouse Construction in Vác

Outside view of the building

A glance into the building

VÁC. Today we want to tell you something about the finishing work on our new warehouse in Vác, Hungary. Finishing work based on the original plans, which should have been completed within five months, was a great challenge. Included in this were all changes and the building’s technical and electrical equipping.

A new spur line was executed for the sewer line, and the internal docks were planned to be exterior. Areas had to be paved to do this. In comparison, we planned a longer slope for the ramp, which with variable width can accommodate incoming and outgoing deliveries with various types of vehicles. The paved area and transport routes were also greatly altered. The Shipping & Receiving department, which is to move into the warehouse building has further recommendations for more efficient operation. The paved area was expanded by 20%, an entire connector path was omitted and in light of the increasing staff numbers, a parking lot was arranged for an additional 100 cars.