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Dein duales Studium bei Zollner

The optimum start for graduates – dual degree programs at Zollner

Do you want to study and at the same time earn money by putting what you’re learning into practice? Do you want a sensible combination of study and work? If these things apply, a dual degree (work and study) program at Zollner is the right choice for you.
In our dual degree program, educational and vocational phases alternate right from the start. You go through intensive practice phases in different areas and get to know our company really well. Apart from project work, you’ll take care of day-to-day business in specific company areas – that way you’ll participate in professional practice while you’re still a student. Transition from studying to working is fluent because of the great amount of practical experience.

You’ll finish your studies with a practice-oriented bachelor thesis and immediately afterwards you take over your first sophisticated task in our company group to start your professional life. Please note that work-study programs are only available in German Zollner locations.

This is what you get as a participant of the Zollner dual degree program:

  • You get paid monthly from day one.
  • Zollner Elektronik AG takes care of tuition fees.
  • We offer attractive benefits (e.g. we subsidize travel and rental costs).
  • Your studies are practice-oriented right from the start.
  • At Zollner, you can put into practice what you’ve learned.
  • If you live in our district and don’t want to move (yet): Benefit from Zollner as a regional training company.

Here are our dual degree programs:

Susanne Kiesl

"Dual degree program means for me that I study business administration at the Deggendorf University of Applied Sciences while working for Zollner during my five-month practical semester. That’s when I can put into practice what I’ve learnt and at the same time build up a contact network in the company. Right now, I’m in my practical semester, where I work in HR controlling, among others.

The work-study program at Zollner is very interesting and rich in variety. I have a say in choosing the fields I work in. In summer 2012 I had the opportunity to work in the purchasing department in Hungary for five weeks – I found it important to gather some work experience abroad.

Taking part in the dual degree program in cooperation with Zollner was a very conscious decision. Zollner Elektronik AG is the biggest employer in the district of Cham and it gives me the opportunity to get to know the structures of a large business close to home. I had already received a positive impression of the company during my apprenticeship as an industrial clerk.

At the moment, there are 34 dual degree students at Zollner. If you want to take part in the program, you should be reliable and willing to show diligence and commitment. What’s nice about the program, apart from the practical experience, is that you’re financially independent from your parents. Tuition fees are taken care of by the company and they also pay you on a monthly basis. There’s absolutely no doubt that I want to continue working here after my studies, preferably in human resources."

Susanne Kiesl, dual degree student, business administration