Zollner is “Supplier of the Year” for Bombardier RCS

STOCKHOLM. The Bombardier Transportation Rail Control Solutions Division has awarded its first “Supplier of the Year” award - and Zollner is the award winner for 2016!

During the award ceremonies, the company honored Zollner Elektronik AG’s exceptional process improvements. Thus, for instance, a delivery performance of 95% could be booked for 2016. Andreas Bergbauer and Gerhard Diehl accepted the award on the 16th of January, in Stockholm. Attendant were also Laurent Troger (President, Bombardier Transportation) and Peter Cedervall (President, Bombardier RCS).
Bombardier Transportation has one of the world’s most comprehensive product portfolios for Rail Technology. This year’s distinction confirms the trusting and partnership-like cooperation between Zollner and Bombardier.

Paolo Covoni (Head of Region South Bombardier Transportation RCS), Rajan Paramasivam (Head of Engineering and Product Development), Gerhard Diel (Global Program Manager), Virginie van de Cotte (Head of Supply Chain Bombardier Transportation RCS), Andreas Bergbauer (SBA Director E1), Peter Cedervall (President, Bombardier Transportation RCS) Photo: Bombardier