Bavarian District Presidents visit Zollner

Zollner Elektronik AG welcomed the Bavarian District Presidents to the main plant, in Zandt, on October 16th. They meet semi-annually at different locations for a conference. The choice for this one was the Cham Rural District. The District Presidents were accompanied this time by Honorable Department Director Franz Weichselgartner (area manager for the economics department of the regions of Upper Palatinate and Regensburg) and Mr. Markus Roth (media spokesperson for the regions of Upper Palatinate, Regensburg).

Mr. Manfred Zollner, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, and Mr. Johann Weber, Chairman of the Board of Zollner Elektronik AG welcomed the group of visitors.

Mr. Zollner showed he was deeply honored by the District Presidents‘ visit during his welcome speech and the opportunity of presenting the firm he founded as a one-man operation in 1965. From this one-man operation grew to become today’s largest employer in the Cham Rural District. Driven by the desire to create 50 jobs in a region in which joblessness during winter months increased to over 50%, he created a group of companies that in the meantime encompasses more than 10,800 employees, has 18 global locations and has established itself among the Top 15 EMS service providers (Electronic Manufacturing Services) in the world.

Every corner of the rural district has profited from this development, and it has developed into a recognized technological site. And with a current unemployment rate of less than 2%, rightfully entitled a “Region of the Future”.

Following the welcome speech, the District Presidents Axel Bartlet (Upper Palatinate), Dr. Thomas Baur (Central Franconia), Dr. Paul Beinhofer (Lower Franconia), Karl Michael Scheufele (Swabia), Brigitte Brunner (Upper Bavaria) and Rainer Haselbeck (Lower Bavaria) all signed the guest book.

As Mr. Weber gave his presentation of the company, the visitors were astounded by the comprehensive portfolio of services offered to customers, while at the same time providing a high real net output ratio across all sectors. “Whether research and development, electronics, mechanics, mechatronics, inductive components, cable assembly, plastics technology, cast and toolmaking, metalwork, surface technology, system integration, analysis, testing or traceability and Industry 4.0 - you have found the right partner in us”, said Johann Weber, Chairman of the Board of Management/CEO. “We work worldwide, always there where the customer needs us, with standardized processes. Our goal is not to satisfy our customers but to excite them. Further important to us in this is developing long-term partnerships with our customers and to grow together with them”. “One critical factor for this”, said Mr. Weber, “is to forgo producing our own products. Thus we do not enter into competition with our customers and create with that a basis for trust and long-term collaboration.“

After a collective photo shoot and showing of products in the showroom, a tour of the company was begun with a main focus on system assembly and electronics production as well as a tour of the in-house area for environmental simulation and the system test bay for inductive charging. Cleanroom production was next, in which power electronics are produced for electric vehicles and control units for active suspension and inductive charging systems.

This was a successful conclusion to the tour because, at the our electric vehicle charging station, the Upper Palatinate government‘s electric car waited to carry the group to Bad Kötzting for their next site visit.

Author: Bernhard Kirst (MSMC)

3rd row, l. to r.: Xaver Feiner, (ret.) Franz Weichselgartner, Johann Weber, Manfred Zollner 2nd row, l. to r.: Dr. Thomas Bauer (DP Central Franconia), Dr. Paul Beinhofer (DP Lower Franconia), Axel Bartelt (DP Upper Palatinate), Brigitta Brunner (DP Upper Bavaria), Rainer Haselbeck (DP Lower Bavaria) 1st row, l. to r.: Ms. Beinhofer, Ms. Scheufele, Ms. Bartelt, Karl Michael Scheufele (DP Swabia)

Product presentation in the showroom