The Cham District Administrator Surveys the new Cleanrooms in Neukirchen

Cham District Administrator Franz Löffler took a look in the converted Neukirchen Zollner plant at the state-of-the-art workplaces that were created with the establishment of two new cleanrooms.

Zollner Elektronik AG already has 75 staff working there and plans to increase that to 130 by the end of next year.

Löffler was impressed by his tour through the cleanrooms. The high level of quality requirements and the challenging conditions under which we produce today to stay competitive around the world is remarkable. It must be a huge challenge for the company.

Zollner manufactures highly complex modules in Neukirchen for the semiconductor industry, with which microchips are produced. Requirements for technical cleanliness are steadily increasing across the entire production process due to the fact that microchips are becoming ever smaller and more powerful. For this reason Zollner Elektronik AG converted and expanded the Neukirchen plant in order to add two new cleanrooms. One is 700 and the other 1,300 square meters and both are Class 7 of DIN EN ISO 14644.

Because not all production islands can be located at the outer wall of the cleanroom due to its size, we had to master a particular challenge: how to supply a production island in the middle of the cleanroom with power, compressed air and the like. The solution was a specially designed, air-tight ceiling grid in which all of the connectors are installed. In addition to the construction measures, new processes needed to be developed and established, and employees needed to be trained and made aware of how not to contaminate the cleanroom with particles in a sustainable way. Last but not least a new logistics and warehouse concept ensures that many items are procured in an already clean, low particle quality state and that they properly stored.

Photo credit: Karl Pfeilschifter

l. - r.: Isabella Bauer from the Administrative District Office, Zollner CEO Johann Weber, Christian Weber, Senior Vice President of Business Unit E4, Chairman of the Supervisory Board Manfred Zollner Sr., Klaus Bauer, Head of Project and Process Management, District Administrator Franz Löffler, Markus Müller, Deputy District Administrator and Mayor of Neukirchen beim Heiligen Blut, David Smietanski, Head of New Product Introduction E4 Neukirchen, and Erich Biendl, Senior Product Engineer E4

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