Dr. Hans J. Langer, Executive Chairman of the EOS Group, a Zollner Elektronik AG Guest in Furth im Wald

Together with his wife and Member of EOS Holding’s Supervisory Board, Mrs. Helga Langer, Dr. Hans J. Langer, Executive Chairman of the EOS Group, came to visit the Zollner Elektronik AG “Furth im Wald” branch plant on October 19th, along with Horst Wladatsch, director of the EOS GmbH Global Supply Chain. Also participating in this event were Sandro Bauer, Cham Deputy District Administrator and first mayor of the city of Furth im Wald and Prof. Dr. Josef Weber, from the Technology Campus in Cham.

EOS is the world’s leader in technology and quality for high-end solutions in the area of Additive Manufacturing (AM), which enables its customers to manufacture high quality and innovative products based on industrial 3-D printing. Founded in 1989, EOS is a pioneer and and global leader in the area of Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS), while also a provider of cutting-edge polymer technology. EOS has been a long standing customer and business partner to Zollner Elektronik AG.

Founder of the company and Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Manfred Zollner, greeted the guests.

In Chairman of the Board of Management/CEO Johann Weber’s presentation, he gave a short introduction into Research & Development in the Group of companies and explored Zollner’s comprehensive spectrum of services.

Christian Weber, SBA Director E4, presented the Furth im Wald site, which was founded in 2002. 452 employees produce high-value products for the Electronics sector on about 14,000 m² of production space along with mechatronic devices and system, including products belonging to EOS.

This was supplemented by a presentation about Zollner and the Furth im Wald site by Hubert Kraus, Deputy Head of the Research & Development department, who illustrated the challenges and expertise of the Research & Development area.

Following that was a presentation by Kirill Schwabauer, Team Lead for Industrial Engineering in E4, which addressed the topic of Digital Factory and Industry 4.0, during the course of which he illustrated Zollner focus points based on several implementation examples from electronics production.

A group photo and extensive tour of Production brought the event to a close. Our guests were able to actually see in detail various implementations in practical production examples. The guests were impressed with the tour of the main plant and how digital and “real” factories function in practice.     

Author: Bernhard Kirst (MSMC)

l. - r.: Johann Weber, Sandro Bauer, Marco Gatzmaga, Horst Wladarsch, Hella Langer, Christian Weber, Dr. Hans J. Langer, Prof. Dr. Josef Weber, Manfred Zollner Sr., Kirill Schwabauer, Hubert Kraus