Johann Weber, speaker at the 1st Symposium for Technical Cleanliness

A speech by Johann Weber was the prelude to the 1st Symposium for Technical Cleanliness, to which the ZVEI Academy in Frankfurt sent out invitations.

The CEO, Chairman of the Board of Management at Zollner Elektronik AG and Chairman of the ZVEI PCB and Electronic Systems professional association offered an overview of the current challenges surrounding technical cleanliness, which was listened to with great intent by symposium attendees.

Some 130 participants from over 60 corporate users came to the symposium’s premier, which presented the newest results from the ZVEI work group, for a mutual exchange of ideas and the chance to meet with on-site experts. During his talk, Johann Weber emphasized the significance of technical cleanliness for the EMS industry to the company representatives. This is increasing in scope in that the complexity of products steadily increases. The tightly designed space makes a higher level of integration necessary, while miniaturization, on the other hand, demands finer structures. In order to guarantee technical cleanliness, we must look at the supply chain holistically, from component and supplier selection, across logistics concepts and all the way to production concepts.

Afterwards Johann Weber delved deeper into the ZVEI guidelines for technical cleanliness. A broad public was able to be reached with these guidelines with publishing by a recognized umbrella organization. The guideline creates a common working basis for customers and suppliers and establishes standards for the comparison of products and services. Once again we see that our commitment to the association has paid off for the company.

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