Outstanding Vocational Training in Szügy

The Chamber of Industry and Commerce in the Northern Hungarian Administrative District of Nógrád honored the Zollner branch plant in Szügy for its vocational training.

József Ógl, General Manager of ZEV KFT, accepted the Prize at the ceremonial hall of the Kubinyi Ferenc Museum, in Széchény.

Young people have been able to participate in work-study programs for Production Technician, Welder and Milling Machine Operator occupations at the Szügy plant since 2015. Representatives from the Chamber of Industry and Commerce emphasized the "most modern conditions" under which the vocational training occurred. Members of the examining body highly praised the Szügy branch plant in their commentary.

Hungarian leadership banks on the training of these young people in technical areas and always keeps one thought in mind: the students of today will be the employees of tomorrow. The com­pany offers its young work-study students a job as soon as they have completed their training.

Author: Szilvia Alpári (UGF Sec.)

l. - r.: Dr. Péter Tordai (Chairman of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce in the Nógrád Administrative District), Antal Markó (Mayor of Szügy), Dr. László Parragh (Regional Chairman of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce), József Ógl (General Manager at ZEV KFT), Ákos Andor (Chamber Representative)