Training Graduates

Technical Training

If you have had technical training, you have exactly the qualifications that are essential to our industry. Do you have training as an Electronics Technician, Industrial Mechanic or Mechatronics Technician? Then join and support our team as a skilled worker.

Robert Haimerl

Qualification and further training of staff is a major topic at Zollner. And this is reflected in the good further and advanced education and training options offered at Zollner. It is also important to me to have an employer that works closely to the market and always values technical innovation, which is definitely the case at Zollner.

IT Training

As a leader in technology we also place great value in innovative, sustainable solutions in the area of IT. With your qualifications profile you can provide us with outstanding support. Here you are offered a widely varied range of applications for your established knowledge.

Martina Kerscher

Our IT department has over 130 staff members, thus many interesting areas of responsibility are offered. The experiences I collected during my training as an IT Systems Electronics Specialist have helped me a great deal here. It’s also important to me to have a future-oriented, secure job. Zollner can offer me that.

Business Administration Training

Business Administration training behind you, are you now looking for interesting, versatile work in a successful company? Many doors are open here for those with this solid base.

Katrin Zitzelsberger

The company enjoys an esteemed reputation not only because the founder of the company and his family have such tremendous commitment. Valuable support is received already during training with internal training courses and intense preparation for the final exam. And tasks and duties are diverse and interesting. Occupational development in an international environment, becoming acquainted with the modes of operation and cultural differences to other nations and the many social benefits offered make Zollner an attractive employer.