Healthcare & Life Sciences

Zollner Elektronik AG has over two decades of experience with highly complex medical technology products – ideal prerequisite for accompanying the sector through change and technological advancements.

Segments in Healthcare & Life Sciences

The Healthcare and Life Sciences world is in upheaval: the quality of life, health and sustainability come ever more into focus for individuals on a global level.   Manufacturers are developing themselves from conventional providers of device solutions into providers of digital and holistic health solutions. Constant new results of research, rapid technological advancements including the digitalization and enormously high level of innovation in the sector open up new opportunities. Products in this heavily regulated market become ever more complex, with an increasing portion of cutting-edge technology, while demands for development speed, cost optimization and reliability increase. Together with your know-how in academic and clinical applications, our expertise in technical, logistic and regulatory implementation sustainably improves your efficiency over the complete product life cycle and secures your market success.



In order for market and customer-focused action to take place, we have also become more diversified and are focused on the following sector segments:

Medical Technology

Medical devices for diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation are the basics of healthcare and have been part of the Zollner Elektronik AG portfolio for a long time. In view of this diversity, our well-established know-how as Mechatronics Service Providers provides added benefit. We develop and manufacture medical devices for the clinical environment and outside of the clinic. Thus we are involved in the manufacture of respiratory devices, which supported the severely ill patients during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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    Pharmaceutical Devices

    Devices for the production and administration of medicines make technological progress, networking  and optimization of the entire process possible: from production to distribution at the Point of Sale or Point of Care and on to administration. The goal is care for the patient that is personalized, traceable and efficient.

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    Laboratory Equipment

    Cutting-edge research develops ever new, improved methods for analytics and diagnostics. In order to execute the increasing number of procedures and tests quickly, reliably and cost-efficiently, automation of the preparation process, handling and storage of the samples is necessary. The complexity of the devices needed for this is constantly increasing - a challenge we with our know-how as Mechatronics Experts and our decade-long experience have often encountered. We produce equipment for laboratories and biotechnology for the analysis of organic substances, in vitro diagnostics and automation, which finds use in academic and clinical institutions. Among these are test systems that serve to verify Coronavirus - mostly in the form of laboratory tests but also self tests.

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    Digital Health

    Digitalization of healthcare is well underway. Data and technologies are used effectively to improve patient case and with that the health of every individual. This bolsters prevention, links patients, treatment providers (caretakers) and health service providers and personalizes health and treatment management. Thus digitalization affects all existing segments. At the same time it generates new business models and product innovation for medical purposes. Research and supply takes it to a higher level. In this fast growing and changing market environment, not only does the comprehensive experience of Zollner Elektronik AG in medical technology provide benefit but also its participation in innovation in numerous other sectors.

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    Services during the product lifecycle

    We are...

    ... Your Research and Development Partner

    As a Mechatronics Specialist - for single parts, modules or complex systems - we offer you development support from the idea all the way to Life Cycle Engineering. Our Research and Development team, with over 200 staff members today, already implements about 25% of its research and development projects for the Healthcare & Life Science sector. We also are happy to take over accreditation in accordance with EN ISO 13485 or compliance with the provisions of the US Food and Drug Administration.

    ...Your Production Consultant

    We support you in the optimization of your product design (DfM, DfT, DfA, etc.), in the planning of NPI management and in initiating the preparation of the product for industrial production. We are aided by the virtual production planning in Digital Factory. We develop production concepts for you, determine the needed production equipment and produce prototypes. Our company's in-house Analysis and Materials Technology provides insights about ideal materials and associated processes.

    ...Your Experts in the Serial Production Phase

    We take over serial production  of complex mechatronic systems for you with outstanding quality - economically and flexibly. System integration takes place with us at the highest level: our German and Chinese sites have installed product-specific cleanrooms and sterile rooms. Our interconnected production also allows for gapless traceability. And we do that along the entire value-added chain and at the material level.

    ...Your Supply Chain Manager

    If desired we will implement for you compregensive global logistic processing. Our tailored logistics concept covers the entire product life cycle and includes life cycle analyses for new product developments, PCN data management during the serial production phase, monitoring of critical components and remaining coverage in After-Sales Service, as well as the minimizing of risks using obsolescence management.

    ...Your After-Sales Support

    We ensure that your products are always in top condition. Thus we take over quality assured product preparation, cleaning and decontamination, for example, of medical laboratory and analysis devices. With our maintenance measures we extend the expected product life and guarantee marketability of your products with our complete refurbishment service. Our After-Sales Service also encompasses product support, including necessary document archiving, if you wish so.

    We fulfill these regulatory requirements:

    • ISO 13485
    • EN 60601
    • GMP, GDP
    • US FDA compliance (QSR 21 CFR 820)
    • Japanese PMDA compliance (Accreditation of Foreign Manufacturers)
    • Korean MFDS compliance (Certificate of GMP)
    • ISO 9001
    • ISO 14001
    • additional certifications

    We can create your products at these locations:

    • Locations Germany
      • Zandt
      • Zandt II
      • Lam
      • Untergschwandt
      • Neukirchen b. Hl. Blut
      • Altenmarkt I
      • Altenmarkt II
      • Altenmarkt III
      • Furth im Wald
    • International Locations
      • Vác, Ungarn
      • Szügy, Ungarn
      • Satu Mare I, Rumänien
      • Satu Mare II, Rumänien
      • Taicang, China
      • Beja, Tunesien
      • Fremont, USA
      • Milpitas, USA
      • Hombrechtikon, Schweiz
      • Cartago, Costa Rica
      • Kowloon Bay, Hongkong

    Taicang, China

    Milpitas, USA

    Vác, Ungarn


    Zandt II

    Altenmarkt I

    Furth im Wald

    Hombrechtikon, Schweiz