Repair Service

Herstellerunabhängiger Reparaturservice

More than just repair service

From customer-specific service concepts to worldwide deliveries to our customers, we have been offering our repair services for many years and with great success, regardless of the manufacturer, also for products that did not stem from our production.

Our successful partnership with HP dates back over many years.  We support them by repairing tape backup units that were not produced by our company. We take over complete material procurement, warehousing of defective parts, disassembly, repair and assembly, as well as subsequent functional testing of complex devices.

The data gathered from the repair process are analyzed on a regular basis and reported back to our customer. These data are also used for developing new products. In our repair center, we repair more than 100,000 devices with 24 types of variances per year and send them to our customer’s service centers worldwide. We also make sure to recycle the exchanged parts in an ecologically responsible way and according to legal provisions.

On top of that, we also conduct customer and product audits. It is our aim to satisfy our customers’ expectations in every field and stage.