PCB Production


At Zollner, PCB production and test comprises all technology combinations, including product-specific special processes.
All processes are available in lead-free (RoHS-compliant) or RoHS-non compliant technology, according to customer requirements.

  • Design analyses according to customer specifications, using Zollner Design Guidelines.
    • DFM analysis (design for manufacturing)
    • DFT analysis (design for  testability)
  • material traceability at assembly level, process and test data traceability
  • production according to international standards, e. g. J STD-001/IPC
  • production in cleanrooms and other controlled environments
  • SMT production
    • stencil printing (solder paste,glue), e. g. coated, layered stencils
    • inline SPI (3D paste inspection)
    • dispense technology
    • placement machines, latest technology, placing 01005, as well as all components equipped in pick & place technology
    • reflow soldering in a protective gas atmosphere
    • vapor phase soldering
    • pin-in-paste technology
    • underfilling for FC, BGA, LGA
  • THT production
    • automatic/manual placement
    • product-specific custom placement
    • THT soldering (wave soldering, single-nozzle selective soldering or lift-dip soldering processes)
    • robot soldering
    • induction soldering
    • laser soldering
  • press-fit technology with force-displacement monitoring
  • depaneling (router, laser, punch)
  • cleaning of assemblies (ultrasonic, spraying under immersion, spraying)
  •  PCB protection
    • coating (partial coating, nano coating, milli-coat process, dip coating, certonal coating, parylene coating)
    • casting (resin, silicone, hotmelt, molten resin)
  • optical and X-ray inspection
    • in-line AOI for SMT
    • in-line AOI for THT
    • in-line AXI
    • in-line combination systems AOXI (automatic optical X-ray inspection)
  • electrical testing
    • in-house test equipment design (test systems, test adapters)
    • ICT
    • flying probe
    • boundary scan
    • functional test for assemblies, modules and systems
    • safety tests (high voltage tests, grounding tests, leakage current tests)
    • run-in, burn-in
  • special processes, e. g.
    • silver conductive adhesion
    • laser welding
    • resistance welding
    • ultrasonic welding
    • heat seal embossing
    • crimping (flexible printed boards)
  • service and rework processes
    • onyx 29 hot gas stations
    • automatic dispensing of paste/flux
    • balling & reballing (lead-free, BTC, BGA)
    • rework & repair according to IPC 7711/7721
    Various inspection and test methods are used in our in-house analysis laboratory.

IPC certifications:

Competent, experienced and qualified staff forms the basis for our complex process and technology portfolio.
In order to live up to our high demands for quality, we use our in-house training center for staff qualification. Apart from individual internal training programs, we also conduct IPC certifications.