Individual Components, Modules, Devices, Systems

Maßgeschneiderte Leistung für unsere Kunden

We give you customer-specific solutions for individual components, modules, devices or complex systems. Your needs decide to what extent you want to be involved in our process depth.

Our range of services

  • Digital factory
    • Digital factory is a software solution to capture and represent information to model manufacturing systems and available processes in a factory.
    • It includes the following solutions:
  • Process planning
  • MTM (Methods-Time Measurement)
  • Digital mock-up
  • Line balancing
  • Simulation
  • 3D layout planning
  • Ergonomic design
  • Container planning
  • Logistics planning
  • Demand- and need-oriented line concepts
    • interlinked manual single-user workstations for complex subassemblies with manual or mechanical workpiece carrier transport systems
    • unlinked single-user workstations for sample production, low volume or high variety. Manual transport of subassemblies
    • mixed forms of manual and automated processes for products with high volume and high complexity
    • fully automated product lines for high-volume products
  • Internal strategies for material provision, e.g.
    • pull concepts (driven by consumption)
      • kanban (card kanban, SAP e-kanban)
      • milk run
    • push concepts (driven by demand)
      • SAP-controlled

At Zollner, we put the focus on complex mechatronic systems from R&D to after sales service. Our solutions are customized to your needs, no matter if we are talking about individual components, modules, devices or complete systems.
Apart from that, we are able to offer you end-to-end traceability. Our production facilities include cleanroom production.
Cleanroom production at Zollner is not limited to SMT production. We also provide cleanroom assembly.