Compliance in Focus – sharing mutual responsibility

In all of our activities, we act under consideration of applicable laws, regulations and directives of the countries in which we are doing business.

Zollner Compliance Management System

With our systematic approach (prevent - expose - react), we establish the optimal prerequisites for avoiding violations against compliance requirements, or making it significantly more difficult, and that violations that do occur are recognized and handled accordingly.

Our corporate values, guidelines and the Zollner Code of Conduct are the basis for our compliance culture and reflect our fundamental stance as well as the expectations in our company, also in regard to the supply chain. They predominantly serve prevention against possible rule violations and risks.

Compliance requirements are continuously being identified, analyzed, assessed and integrated into our own rules and regulations. A Corporate Compliance Team supports with consultation and coordinates the implementation of new measures/action items.

Whistleblower System Zollner SpeakUp

In spite of all of those measures, gaps can occur in adherence to laws or regulations. It can never be prevented that individual people violate rules and regulations. For that reason we give our employees and external people the possibility of reporting their concerns relative to any type of illegal conduct and violations against human rights, the Zollner Code of Conduct or our internal guidelines and regarding the supply chain using our whistleblower system, Zollner SpeakUp.

All messages or abnormalities shared there are investigated individually and optimally lead to rectification of the unacceptable conditions. Continuous optimization of existing management system processes also prevents reoccurrence.

Zollner SpeakUp reporting option

We offer the following reporting options to be able to proceed quickly and efficiently against misconduct:


Playstore   Appstore

Available in the Play store or App store: (SpeakUp®-APP by People Intouch)


The following organizational code leads to the Zollner Elektronik AG SpeakUp® portal: 107665
All information about the reporting procedure can be called up in the SpeakUp Policy

The Zollner SpeakUp whistleblower system is available around the clock and worldwide in several languages for anonymous and personalized reports. The Corporate Compliance Team can answer your questions at any time and can be reached under the following email:

Supply Chain Compliance

The standard of care for German companies in the area of supply chain compliance was tightened with the taking effect of the Act on Corporate Due Diligence Obligations in Supply Chains (LkSG). The goal of this is the improvement of human rights protections in that child and forced labor as well as harmful and exploitive working conditions and the destruction of natural resources are prevented.

Additionally, routine risk analyses must be created, both for special risks as well as at the supply level, obligatory measures must be taken in the case if increased risk and reporting must take place about the fulfillment of due diligence: Zollner Supply Chain Due Diligence Report – BAFA

However, not only did German lawmakers increase the obligations of their own value-added chain. The EU is committed to greater transparency in the supply chains of European companies as well as clear intensifying of the legislative framework in the area of supply chain compliance. The Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive (CSDD) and the guideline for the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) are effective instruments for the obligation of companies of adherence to specific standards of care in the supply chain.

As an electronics and mechatronics service provider, Zollner employs over 13,000 employees at 24 locations worldwide and has a highly developed supplier pool of over 8,000 suppliers and vendors.

Particularly from an entrepreneurial view, we place great value on respect for human rights and environmental laws both in our company as well as in our supply chain. We ensure the maintenance of relevant standards in our working conditions and respectful treatment of one another because the wellbeing of all participants is of utter importance to us.

Our Zollner Human Rights Policy – a fundamental declaration of human rights reflects this conviction and supplements Zollner Code of Conduct lived corporate-wide, which was created on the basis of international standards like the basic principles of conduct of the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA), the DIN ISO 26000 guideline for social responsibility and the Global Compact of the United Nations.

The purpose of the policy statement is to confirm our continuous commitment to the respect for human rights in the execution of all of our business activities in the area of our own business realm but also relative to our indirect and direct suppliers.

Additionally, it should serve to demonstrate the mechanisms for the implementation of our strategy of prevention in our company to prevent or minimize relevant risks to human rights and with that guarantee a high level of protection of human rights.