Trace and understand manufacturing processes with Traceability – we focus on end-to-end traceability and transparency.

Traceable from purchase to shipping

Using a globally standardized traceability process, we are able to guarantee the end-to-end traceability of everything from individual manufactured parts to modules, devices, and complete systems down to the site level. This includes the fully transparent recording of material, process, inspection, and shipping data down to the individual item level. To achieve end-to-end traceability along the value chain, our production facilities are connected to the manufacturing execution system (MES). This makes it possible to control complex production lines and interlock processes, ensuring an audit-proof manufacturing process. The interconnected manufacturing process we employ is based on seamless traceability achieved by means of our MES. That means that we have already established the conditions necessary to meet future Industry 4.0 requirements today.

Real-time Traceability

Each assembly can be clearly identified at any time based on its serial number and its production status can be queried. This approach significantly minimizes risk for our customers in the event of damage or loss. The data gathered can be accessed via evaluations and defined KPIs.

In the event of a fault, we are able to identify any material batches that may be affected via the unique Zollner serial number or via a linked customer serial number. This information makes it possible to stop the processing of the material concerned, to specifically block assemblies and to prevent delivery to the customer.

In the event of a recall, affected serial numbers can also be specifically given to the customer to keep costs to a minimum.

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