Our philosophy, which drives us

Zollner Elektronik AG goes hand in hand with innovation, performance, trust and diversity. We perfectly align tradition with the modern era. We are committed to sustainably harmonizing ecology, economy and society in our corporate culture.

Values by which we live

Thanks to the efforts of an extraordinary team that shares and embodies a fascination for innovative, forward-looking solutions, responsible, trend-setting, and future-oriented action as well as long-term thinking have characterized how we have seen ourselves as our company since day one. Our corporate values are firmly anchored in our strategy:

Trust, respect and honesty

We can depend on each other and interact with mutual appreciation.

Holistic responsibility

We keep the corporation in mind as a whole and are proud of our collective achievements.  


Our work is goal-oriented, and we take advantage of our strengths and capabilities.


We embrace change, are innovative and possess the courage to face the unknown and continuously further develop ourselves. 


We concentrate on what is most important, and we continuously improve our quality, time and cost.


We are implementation experts and place results for our customers and Zollner at the forefront. 

Our mission statement, which guides us

Our guidelines are important prerequisites for orientation, clarity, and efficient implementation. They set a clear direction for the sustainable and future-proof development of our corporate group, thus ensuring our long-term success.

Cross-Departmental Guidelines

  • We take diverse specialist topics into consideration as an obligation of company leadership.
  • We purposefully act in accordance with statutory regulations, standards, directives and customer specification.
  • We work according to documented processes, assess their risks and opportunities and monitor their implementation.
  • We drive continuous improvement with targeted projects and programs to achieve strategic and operative goals.
  • We obligate ourselves the ensure the necessary information and resources for goal achievement.
  • We develop expertise and a sense of responsibility in our employees and partners applicable to their task assignments.

Leadership Priciples

  • We are role models.
  • We establish a culture of trust.
  • We treat each other with respect.
  • We promote our employees’ development.
  • We create added value.
  • We make traceable decisions.
  • We learn from our mistakes.
  • We drive future-oriented change.

Quality Guidelines

  • We place our trust in our Zero Defect strategy, the aim of which is defect-free/flawless processes and products, as well as their safety.
  • We take advantage of structured quality planning and with that establish the prerequisites for robust processes, which conform to all requirements.
  • We systematically utilize quality tools in order to be able to constantly and appropriately improve our processes.

Environmental and Energy Guidelines

  • We continuously plan, control, monitor and assess or environmental impacts as well as resource consumption and energy-related performance.
  • We reduce impacts on the environment with action programs and are vigilant in our conscious use of resources.
  • We utilize appropriate technical and economically viable options in design, development, production and in the operation of our facilities.
  • We support the acquisition of energy efficient products and services.

Occupational Safety Guidelines

  • We routinely identify occupational health and safety risks at our workplaces and take action to eliminate, minimize and prevent them.
  • We promote the safety and health protection for our employees with action programs.
  • We integrate our employees and external departments actively into our operations and the further development of occupational safety.

Health Guidelines

  • We qualify our management with training courses in various formats for health-oriented employee and self leadership.
  • We maintain and promote our employees’ well-being and health with measures proportionate to their situations.
  • We support our employees with occupational and private issues with comprehensive consultation options.
  • We offer help in the compatibility of private and occupational life with targeted measures.

Information Security Guidelines

  • We understand information security and the guarantee of confidentiality, availability and integrity as a comprehensive duty in a divisions and processes in the organization.
  • We operate and organize information security with the aid of established processes for asset, risk, incident and contingency (emergency) management.
  • We implement appropriate protective, state-of-the-art measures taking the current threat situation and our partners' requirements into consideration.
  • We guarantee the security of information with the help of our employees and with defined responsibilities, applicable qualification and the awareness of every individual.
  • We protect our property and valuable information we receive from physical hazards.

Business Ethics and Social Engagement Guidelines

  • We acknowledge our corporative and social responsibility, and routinely assess the expectations set upon us.
  • We orient ourselves on international guidelines for ethical and social/corporate responsibility.
  • With our various actions, we make a contribution to society and encourage our employees and partner to act the same.

Our responsibility, which helps us to grow

As a global player, we are committed to our social responsibility. This forms an essential part of our corporate culture, contributing towards sustainable development for ourselves and future generations. Our fields of responsibility are firmly anchored in our integrated management system. We also expect our partners to comply with these principles of conduct as a basis for a long-term and trusting collaboration.

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