Your partner for system solutions

We offer you system solutions that cross sectorial divides – flexible, competent and with state-of-the-art technology.

Technological supremacy and diversity are among the strengths that define Zollner. This puts us in a perfect position to manufacture complete systems. Our modern range of machinery, which is always state-of-the-art, is available to make this happen. And, if we involve our outside partners, we take advantage of our know-how to qualify, evaluate and aid them in their further development.

We are at home in many sectors and have the certifications to prove it. Our expertise is held in high regard by our customers in sectors such as industrial electronics, rail technology, automotive technology, healthcare & life sciences, aerospace & defense, measurement technology, data technology, other consumer products, as well as telecommunications. Our experts are charged with the task of recognizing trends and market developments before they happen.

This broad spectrum allows us to react flexibly to market fluctuations. Nearly all of the technologies we require are united “under one roof”, so we can capitalize on the synergies between the most widely varied sectors. A brisk exchange of technological ideas takes place between Zollner and many top universities and technical institutes.

As EMS providers without our own products, we concentrate solely on yours. Our technology know-how comprises a multitude of electronic components, modules, devices and systems.

We offer you complex mechatronic systems, from research & development to after-sales service. Discover our services and see for yourself. We have over 50 years of experience in making customers happy.