Laboratory Equipment 

Cutting-edge research develops ever new, improved methods for analytics and diagnostics. In order to execute the increasing number of procedures and tests quickly, reliably and cost-efficiently, automation of the preparation process, handling and storage of the samples is necessary.

Automation in Analytics & Diagnostics

The complexity of the devices needed for this is constantly increasing - a challenge we with our know-how as Mechatronics Experts and our decade-long experience have often encountered. We produce equipment for laboratories and biotechnology for the analysis of organic substances, in vitro diagnostics and automation, which finds use in academic and clinical institutions. Among these are test systems that serve to verify Coronavirus - mostly in the form of laboratory tests but also self tests.

Examples of areas of application

Examples of areas of application

  • Preparation
    • Pipetting robots
  • Analysis
    • In-Vitro-Diagnostics (IVD)
    • Life Science Research (LSR
  • Automation
    • Innovative laboratory automation solutions

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