Social & Health

Since the health of our employees is close to our hearts, we offer them a holistic Workplace Health Management (WHM).

Because you’re worth it to us

Our CHM is structured around four pillars – on the one hand health-oriented management, the field of occupational health promotion and prevention as well as occupational social management and work-life management. We find a customized solution for every situation – in keeping with our motto “Because you’re worth it to us”.

Occupational health promotion and prevention

We encourage all our employees to stay fit and healthy for as long as they live. Our support in this regard consists of all our offers concerning exercise, stress and regeneration, nutrition, prevention, and ergonomics. Exercise breaks provide variety both in the office and in the production setting. Workstations are adapted to individual conditions as part of ergonomics consultations. This is how we create healthy conditions for our associates’ everyday work.

Occupational social management

Everyday life holds many unforeseen events in store that increase the areas of tension between work and private life. In such situations, our employees can turn to our occupational social management services. We work with you to find suitable solutions for every individual concern, regardless of whether it’s professional or private. Our social management services are supported by a broad network of health experts.

Work-life management

It’s important that our employees bring their professional and private lives into balance in order to ensure that they remain healthy and motivated in the long term. Our work-life management services focus on reconciling these two areas. We pay particular attention to our employees different phases of life and career and create a suitable solution for each situation. We use various working time and shift models to ensure that career and family are able to be reconciled. Caring for relatives also requires flexibility and support, and we’re always happy to assist our employees in this regard.

Health-oriented management

As a manager, it’s important to keep the company’s goals in mind while fulfilling your duty to care for your team. Our health management services provide active assistance in this balancing act between health-oriented employee management, self-leadership, and achieving corporate goals. The goal is for managers to remain healthy and productive themselves and to fulfill their role as role models, thereby making an important contribution to the well-being of their employees.