Technologies & Processes

Complex mechatronic systems, from R&D all the way to after-sales service

Belonging to Zollner’s decisive strengths as your EMS partner is not only our technological prominence but also the diversity of our technologies. This is supplemented by the comprehensive observation and optimization of processes, as well as the multiplicity of applied technologies. Thus we are able to produce complete systems for you.

Compare us with our market competitors and see the measurable differences. We’re growing in our target markets and rely on long-term customer and supplier partnerships in the process. To us, innovative capability and sustainability are of the utmost importance. This applies equally to social, ecological and economical areas.

We use the synergies between our individual strategic business areas holistically for Zollner and improve profitability. Our qualified and highly motivated staff is constantly guided to act as entrepreneurs, so we can absolutely depend on our team. Everyone works toward one single goal: Your greatest possible satisfaction!

From electronics and mechanics to inductive components: We remain state-of-the-art for you in all technological areas. In order to be able to ensure the benefit to you from these technologies and systems, we place special emphasis on the continuous further education and training of our employees.

In order to manufacture highly complex mechatronic modules, devices or system for you, we have consolidated all necessary technologies under one roof.

We are your partner for system solutions in your sector - flexible, competent and state-of-the-art.

Because we do not produce our own product, we solely concentrate on the realization of your product ideas and support you along the entire value-added chain.

We offer our customers tailored service, regardless of whether it concerns single parts, modules, devices or complex systems. Your requirements determine the level of our process depth.

Our Spectrum of Services

  • Digital factory
    • Digital factory is a software solution for processing Lean-oriented process planning, including that for assembly activities.
      It includes the following solutions:
      • Process planning
      • MTM (Methods Time Measurement)
      • Digital Mock-Up
      • Line balancing
      • Simulation
      • 3-D layout planning
      • Ergonomics
      • Container planning
      • Logistics planning
  • Requirement and demand-oriented line concepts
    • Interlinked, manual, individual work stations for very complex sub-assemblies with manual or mechanical work piece carrier transport
    • Individual work stations that are not interlinked for sample production, small quantities or for a high level of variance. Manual sub-assembly transfer
    • Mixed forms of manual and automated work procedures for products with a high level of complexity and large quantities
    • Fully automated production lines for products with large quantities
  • Internal material staging strategies, such as
    • Pull concepts (by consumption)
      • Kanban (Kanban cards, e-Kanban via SAP)
      • Milk-Run
    • Push concepts (by demand)
      • Control with SAP

Zollner’s main focus is on complex mechatronic systems - from R&D all the way to after-sales service. We offer you the desired service, whether it concerns single parts, modules, devices or complete systems. In doing so we also support the New Product Introduction (readying products for serial production) for products developed by our customers. We also offer gapless traceability and controlled environment/cleanroom production. Cleanroom production is not only for SMT production at Zollner but can also handle assembly work.