Whether for land, water or in the air - we support your present technologies & designs across the entire product life cycle and accompany you with new ideas into a networked future.

Our Tailored Life Cycle Services for your Military Applications:

  • Production of small and the smallest lot sizes
  • Individual logistics solutions and support of your “local content” requirements
  • Leaded soldering technology (as well as support in the conversion to lead-free technology)
  • Certified information security management according to ISO 27001
  • Obsolescence management
  • Long-term storage of components and assemblies
  • BGA reballing
  • Gold plating of component connectors and gold recovery
  • Manufacturing according to J-STD 001 and IPC A-610 class 3
  • Repair and modification according to J-STD 7711/7221
  • Comprehensive in-house analysis technology
  • Environmental tests

Defense / Tactical Applications


  • Radar Systems
  • MIL Flight Control (EFA)
  • Chassis Computer (EFA)
  • System Stabilizing Devices
  • GPS Devices, Radio Control


  • Turning / Milling
  • Sheet Metal Processing
  • Surface Finishing in our own Electroplating Facility
  • Inductive Components
  • Electronic Assemblies
  • Assembly Cleaning and Surface Coating (curtain and spray coating)
  • Press-fit Technology
  • System Integration
  • Functional Testing and Run-in