Engineering / NPI

We support you in optimizing your product design by means of specific design analyses, planning NPI management and initiating the industrialization of your product.

Customized design and engineering services

We utilize DFx (Design for Excellence) methods from the process development stage to industrialize the product during the product development. Our processes ensure the ideal interplay between product and process development, thanks to simultaneous engineering. We examine a number of scenarios based on the customer’s specific requirements and use them to create the best possible production concept. We use tools from the digital factory, simulations, as well as methods such as MTM and value stream design, among others, to develop the digital production system and optimize it for the product on a digital model during the planning phase. The production system is planned and implemented in partnership with our external and internal partners on the basis of the digital product and production system. Our processes help us complete product and process qualification during the individual sample phases in the lead-up to ramp-up in a way that caters to the specific requirements of our customers. When implementing a new product, we keep a constant eye on the time-to-market during the industrialization phase.

Design for Excellence (DFx)

A holistic inspection of the design phase in the context of product development offers a wide range of competitive advantages for our customers. By focusing on quality and efficiency, we are not only able to optimize material, construction and testing costs as early as the design phase by means of a wide range of analyses, but also ensure a shortened time-to-market phase and a minimization of defective assemblies, redesigns and the risk of obsolescence. Moreover, gaps in test coverage can also be filled in advance. Optimizing product design from the outset is the ideal way to make a sustainable impact on time, cost, and quality before it goes into the procurement phase.