Inductive Components

Coils and windings for all sectors

Belonging to our scope of services in the area of high-value coils and windings are not only single part production and automatic production of smaller piece quantities, but also large-scale serial production.

Whether adopted from customer specification or designed by us, developed and made ready for serial production, we map the complete product lifecycle for you.

Our broad offer spectrum extends from small SMT coils all the way to power transformers and from toroidal cores to planar coils.

  • Inductive components for the Automotive sector, such as 
    • for power electronics or electric motors for electric vehicles
    • starter and generator coils for the most widely varied vehicle models
  • Inductive components for Rail Technology, such as in
    • power supply or switching network parts in rail applications (also including the Transrapid rail system)
    • signaling equipment for rail traffic
  • Inductive components in the Aerospace and Defense area, such as in
    • power supply for seat lighting
    • emergency power supply in passenger planes
  • Inductive components for Medical Technology, such as in
    • switching power supplies for magnetic resonance scanners (MRI)
    • high-voltage power supplies for X-ray generators
    • control mechanisms for anesthesia devices
  • Inductive components for Measurement Technology, such as in 
    • measuring coils (application for gas and water pipes and tubing)
    • current and voltage coils for dynamic counters
    • single-phase isolating safety transformers for electronic counters
  • Inductive components for Industrial Electronics, such as in
    • the most widely varied applications in almost all areas of the industry
  • Inductive components for Data Processing Technology, such as in
    • ATM sensor units
    • high-voltage power supplies in high-performance printers
  • Inductive components for Communications Technology, such as in
    • low-frequency, carrier frequency, ISDN, PCM, xDSL Power Line transmitters and filters in various adaptations.
    • transmitter cabinets, remote power supply equipment, couplings and surge voltage protection

Our product spectrum encompasses but is not limited to

  • (Power) transmitters
  • Converters
  • Inductors
  • SMD inductivities
  • Power transformers
  • Switching power supply transformers
  • High-voltage transformers
  • Coils