Rail Technology

Safely on track to the digital future of rail mobility – with over 20 years of industry experience, innovative solutions and technical perfection, Zollner is setting new standards in rail technology.

Efficiency in local and long-haul transport

The digital transformation is changing the world – and the rail sector is part of this revolution, too. State-of-the-art rail technology is critical to the mobility of the future. Innovative solution ideas and breakthrough technologies are driving digitalization in the rail industry to increase rail performance and efficiency. The requirements for components in railroad technology are therefore very high, as smooth and safe railroad operation calls for reliability, precision and quality. With our many years of expertise as a provider of ideas and solutions, we work closely with you to deliver the best possible results over the entire product lifecycle, increasing your efficiency, sustainably saving resources and providing long-term safety. We are thinking ahead and making our contribution towards the transport revolution.

Segments in Rail Technology

Rolling Stock (Onboard)

Tradition meets innovation – we are combining industry-specific expertise of today with the future requirements for rail vehicles of tomorrow.

Our ability to innovate for smart, sustainably successful and green solutions coupled with breakthrough technologies help to provide important impetus for the future of rail technology for operators as well as to get passengers safely and reliably to their destinations.

As a one-stop shop, we offer holistic, forward-looking and high-performance solutions along the product lifecycle for use in rolling stock.


System Technology (Wayside)

Sustainable mobility also involves shifting traffic to rail, as rail is considered one of the safest and at the same time most environmentally friendly means of transport.

The key to a sustainable mobility revolution in rail operations is the interaction between digitalization, innovative signaling technology, and the optimal use of alternative drive systems. In context, availability without interruptions, maintenance-friendly designs, and predictive maintenance processes add up to a total package for the future mobility of the rail network.

We are using technological innovations to meet the 2050 climate goals

More Success Story: KONUX

Services and support along the entire product lifecycle


  • Hardware and Software
  • Simulations (Hardware, Mechanics, Environment etc.)
  • Design Support
  • Qualifications: UL, CSA, VDE, CE, etc.
  • Type Testing: EMC, Environmental Testing, Mechanical & Electrical Testing
  • Validation
  • Redesign
  • Functional safety (up to SIL 4)
  • Cyber ​​Security / Embedded Security (up to SL 4)
  • Safety & Security (protect functional safety with cyber security)


  • DFx (DfM, DfT, DfA, etc.)
  • NPI-Management
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Digital Factory
  • Production Concepts
  • Production Equipment
  • Prototypes
  • Analysis Technology: Material/Processes


  • Comprehensive Traceabilitiy
  • Low-Volume-High-Mix
  • High-Volume-Low-Mix
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Globally Standardized Production, Process and System Landscape

Supply Chain Management

  • Lifecycle Management, Obsolesce Management, PCN
  • Global Logistics: export control, customs handling
  • Logistics Concepts: VMI, CMI, EDI, drop shipping, etc.
  • Global Procurement
  • Demand Simulation


  • Service: Rework, Repair, Refurbishment
  • Replacement Part Delivery
  • Long-term Storage

Our regulatory requirements as a driver of innovation

  • TS 22163
  • DIN EN 15085-2
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001 (environment)
  • DIN EN ISO 50001 (energy)
  • ISO IEC 27001 (information)
  • OHRIS (health & safety)

All certificates


At these Zollner locations we can implement your products in the field of railroad technology:

  • China
  • Costa Rica
  • Germany
  • Romania
  • Switzerland
  • Hungaria
  • USA

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