Industrial electronics

Agility, high quality, innovation driver – that is what we expect from industrial electronics. For decades now, we have been supporting our customers worldwide with our services in all facets of industrial electronics.

IIoT and the strategy towards a shared future

Networking and joint strategies with our customer have always been at the heart of our business. In the course of the digital transformation, we have ideally positioned ourselves both technologically and strategically to be more than just a pioneer for the fourth industrial revolution for our partners. Being "Ready for Industry 5.0" is already one of our aims. Together with our partner network, we are creating technological and process engineering foundations to realize cyberphysical products for our customers on a global scale. We are offering you individually connected electronic assemblies, components and solutions - the brain and backbone for user-friendly, smart and future-proof products in the electronics industry.

Segments in Industrial Electronics

Services and support along the entire product lifecycle


  • Design Support
  • Hardware and Software Development
  • Mechanics Development
  • Environmental Test
  • Type Testing
  • Qualification 
  • Simulations (Hardware, Mechanics)


  • DFx (DfM, DfT, DfC, etc.)
  • Robustness Validation
  • NPI Management
  • Industrial Engineering & Prototyping
  • Digital Factory
  • Tool and Test Equipment Production
  • Analysis Technology


  • Industry 4.0
  • End-to-end Traceability
  • Production from Low-Volume-High-Mix to High-Volume-Low-Mix
  • High-tech Manufacturing Technologies
  • Lean Manufacturing & One Piece Flow
  • Wide Range of Variants
  • Environmental Protection (painting, grouting, bonding)
  • Global Manufacturing Facilities, BCC Production
  • Local for Local

Supply Chain Management

  • Material and Supplier Management
  • Obsolescence Management
  • PCN
  • VMI, CMI, KanBan, Logistics Solutions 
  • Global Supply Chain


  • After-Sales
  • Long-term Storage
  • Last-time Buy
  • Repair/Refurbishment
  • Document Archiving

Our regulatory requirements as a driver of innovation

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • ISO / IEC 27001
  • OHRIS / OHSAS 18001

All certificates