Supply Chain Management

Your reliable partner – our logistics solutions seamlessly span the entire supply chain. That is why many customers have fully entrusted us with this area for years.

The entire supply chain at a glance

For us, logistics is much more than transporting products from our facilities to the customer. We take a holistic view of the supply chain and deploy the latest processes and methods to continuously optimize it. We therefore ensure the end-to-end availability of data, from the time the order is placed until delivery. Logistics are fully seamless: from the supplier to us and from us to the customer. We create customized logistics concepts and use our global network of partners to keep a constant eye on availability and optimum efficiency. On request, we carry out the logistics process from start to finish – from customs, transport logistics, and end-to-end documentation through to the design of packaging solutions and delivery to the end customer. We employ volume bundling and have framework and global agreements in place which allow us to obtain excellent terms that we are able to pass on to you. In addition, you can rely on optimized logistics processes, from incoming goods to warehousing and delivery.

Distribution logistics – external logistics partners

We offer you a customized and fast logistics service – both in-house and outsourcing concepts. Together, we will find the distribution logistics solution that works for you – either we handle the warehousing, order processing and shipping of the individualized products ourselves, or we commission one of our external service partners to handle the entire distribution logistics – always keeping an eye on cost-effectiveness and efficiency. To this end, we establish long-standing, strategic partnerships with renowned logistics service providers in Germany, Hungary, Romania, China and in the CEP sector – courier, express and parcel services – in Costa Rica).

Workflow for outsourced distribution logistics

You send us a forecast of your products, we forward the orders for required components to our suppliers and receive the raw materials. We then produce your product and take care of the reliable storage of the final product at one of our external service providers, from where the product is shipped to the end customer.

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