Global Procurement

We always act in a crisis-proof and reliable manner - our procurement team is global in scope. It consolidates our purchasing power along with our regional strengths and market insights into one global organization.

Global procurement activities

As a globally active company, we know the different requirements of the markets and our customers. Global procurement markets enable us to create the conditions necessary to deliver a cost-effective product, with a particular focus on our international supplier network. Our global procurement team establishes and fosters relationships with suppliers to guarantee availability, quality, and cost-effectiveness. Because we view our suppliers as partners, we have long-standing partnerships with many of them. Therefore, our customers can always rely on consistently high quality of the products purchased, quick and easy processing, as well as implementation of logistics models and internationally competitive prices.

Strategic Procurement

Our global procurement is organized by product group and divided into the following main areas, which are responsible for procurement-specific issues:

  • Electronics
  • Electro-mechanics
  • Mechanics
  • PCB
  • Indirects/Investment

Global Sourcing

Supporting areas have also been established that possess and continuously develop expert knowledge with regard to supplier quality, purchasing processes, logistics, contract management and cost analysis (value engineering) as well as digitalization and risk management. By pooling our global purchasing volume and utilizing global procurement markets and sources, we are aiming to significantly reduce material costs. Ultimately, by reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO), we are ensuring a decisive competitive advantage for our customers.