The Zollner service offering in assembly production and testing encompasses all technological combinations, including product-specific special processes.

We offer our customers all processes in lead-free technology (RoHS compliant). Or, if the customer desires it, we also offer the conventional method.

  • Design analyses according to customer specification using Zollner Design Guidelines.
    • DFM analysis (Design for Manufacturing)
    • DFT analysis (Design for Testability)
    • DFA analysis (Design for Assembly)
    • DFR analysis (Design for Repair)
  • Material traceability at the installation point level, process and test data traceability
  • Production in accordance with international standards, such as J-STD-001/IPC
  • ISO 9 controlled area/cleanroom production according to ISO 14644-1
  • SMT production
    • Stencil printing (solder paste, adhesive), such as coated, stepped stencils
    • In-line SPI (3D paste inspection)
    • Dispensing technology
    • Automated placement machines, newest technology, 01005 placement as well as all designs that allow for the pick & place technique.
    • Reflow soldering in an inert gas atmosphere (with and without vacuum)
    • Vapor phase soldering (with and without vacuum)
    • Pin-in-paste technology
    • Underfill for FC, BGA, LGA
    • PoP placement (Package on Package)
  • THT production
    • Automated/manual placement
    • Special product-specific placement machines
    • THT soldering using wave, mini-wave, dip soldering processes in inert gas atmosphere
    • Robotic soldering
    • Induction soldering
    • Laser soldering
  • Press-in technology with force/path monitoring
  • Depanelization technology (routers, lasers, punches)
  • Assembly cleaning (ultra-sound, high pressure flooding, spraying techniques)
  • Assembly protection
  • Conformal coating (partial coating, nano-coating, milli-coat method, immersion lacquering, Certonal® coating, parylene coating)
  • Cast technology (resin, silicone, hot melt, melting resin)
  • Optical and X-ray processes
    • In-line AOI for SMT
    • In-line AOI for THT
    • In-line AXI
    • In-line AOXI combination system (Automatic Optical X-ray Inspection)
  • Electrical testing
    • In-house inspection equipment design and construction (test systems, test adapters)
    • ICT
    • Flying Probe
    • Boundary Scan
    • Functional testing for assemblies, modules and systems
    • Safety tests (high-voltage, ground wire, discharge current testing)
    • Run-In, Burn-In
    • EOL testing for power electronics
  • Special processes:
    • Silver conductive gluing
    • Heavy wire bonding
    • Laser welding
    • Resistance welding
    • Ultrasonic welding
    • Hot stamping (heat staking) technology
    • Crimping technique on flex PCBs
    • Connection techniques for power electronics (high voltage/high current)
    • Special machine design and construction for production systems, including control system and traceability connections
  • Service and rework processes
    • Fully and partially automated hot gas rework stations
    • Automatic paste/flux dispensing
    • Balling & reballing (lead-free, BTC, BGA)
    • Rework & repair according to IPC 7711/7721

IPC Certifications:

The basis for mastering complex processes and technologies is established by our qualified, experienced and competent employees. Zollner maintains an internal company training center for employee qualification as a means of meeting that requirement.

Alongside individual manual soldering training to a German industrial standard (www.avle-training.de), IPC certification is also conducted for all common standards. Separate systems are available for SMT and THT process training in the Technical Center.

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