After-Sales Service

Comprehensive service and support – we focus on holistic and personal support both before, during and after the products are ordered.

Always by your side

We establish long-term partnerships, as we continue to be your reliable partner even after your products have been delivered. We will happily perform the complex tasks in and around After-Sales Support and develop a customized service concept for you. In doing so, we pay attention to dependable obsolescence management to ensure material availability and residual coverage. You also receive comprehensive end-of-life management with manufacturer-independent spare parts, repair and refurbishment service during series production but also long after the product has been discontinued for both in-house and third party products. Our repair and complaints management focuses on continuous improvement and long-term quality assurance. Our services are available to you on a long-term basis.

Optimum repair service

Fast and professional repair processing matters to us. From customer-specific service concepts through to worldwide delivery, we offer you the optimum repair service for printed circuit boards, modules, devices and complex systems. Specially trained staff carry out repairs on our customers’ products according to IPC 7711/7721 and IPC 610 – regardless of the manufacturer, i.e. also for third party products. If required, we are able to handle complete material procurement, storage of defective parts, disassembly, repair and assembly as well as the final function test of the entire customer portfolio. A detailed repair report rounds off our range of services.

Quality-assured refurbishment

Thanks to our extensive expertise and decades of experience, we cover the entire refurbishment value chain. We offer you a complete service to sustainably upgrade electronic units, devices and systems to ensure the continued marketability of your products. Our goal is to extend the service life of your products for remarketing by implementing quality-assured maintenance measures. In this way, we can make a significant contribution towards sustainability together.

Spare parts supply thanks to logistics service

We are able to successfully establish the area of distribution logistics on a long-term basis, thanks to our global logistics partner network, thus ensuring punctual and straightforward spare parts supply and delivery – even directly to the end customer. We take care of reliable order processing and storage of finished products and spare parts at one of our external partners, thus ensuring fast, cost-efficient and simple spare parts delivery. Our service includes a flash delivery guarantee within Europe or a 48 hour standard delivery.