2018 Manfred Zollner Prize 2018 awarded

Within the framework of “Dies Academicus”, the annual celebration at the Technical University of Deggendorf, the Manfred Zollner Prize was awarded again on the 17th of November, 2018. The prize for outstanding performance during their studies went to Elias Lackermeier and Matthias Lemberger.

Elias Lackmeier, best graduate in Technical Physics, won over the judges during his studies in various internships and project work with an enormous wealth of ideas and an above-average level of commitment. In his Bachelor’s thesis the award winner dealt with the development of a system for automated data acquisition in beehives in order to be able to collect scientifically consistent data relative to bee health.

Matthias Lemberger, graduate in Mechanical Engineering, worked on the topic of “Measures for idle time increase at an RSW plasma torch” in his bachelor’s thesis.  With great effort he determined the critical idle time problems in the plasma process, identified error sources and systematically documented them in his thesis. He also performed complex computerized simulations relative to the blasting process.

Due to the exceptional quality of their scientific work and due to their remarkable commitment during their studies, Elias Lackermeier and Matthias Lemberger were honored with the 2018 Manfred Zollner Prize.