Coronavirus has an impact on Zollner


The local authorities in China have set 8 guidelines for all companies in Suzhou Prefecture that must be met in order to reopen this week. 

We are currently in the process of implementing them and our goal is to start reopening and ramping up our Taicang site on Wednesday.(February 12,2020)

Please note that due to further isolation regulations for people who do not live in Taicang city or who are currently there, Zollner will not be able to return with a capacity of 100% or close to it.

As soon as we reopen, we will contact our customers and keep you informed of any further developments.

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The plant in Taicang, which is located 800 kilometers from the city of Wuhan, will remain closed until at least February 8, 2020 in accordance with the specifications of the government. Until then, there will be no possibility to enter the plant. Operational activities can neither be started nor continued. All Chinese employees with a VPN connection will be working in home offices from January 31, 2020.

Fortunately, none of our more than 500 employees in Taicang has been affected by the virus so far and we will do everything possible to ensure that this continues. As a preventive measure in the interest of all Zollner employees worldwide, the board of Zollner Elektronik AG, in close coordination with the management in China, has decided to stop all business trips to and from China for the next two months (February and March).

In order to contribute to the protection of the population against the virus, Zollner Elektronik AG is trying to supply respiratory masks and disinfectants to China.

"We wish China and its population that the extensive and proactive measures of the local authorities and the prudent behaviour of the people in the affected areas will lead to a rapid containment of the virus", says CEO Johann Weber.

Please contact us if you require further information or have any queries about our plant in China:

The detailed action plan of the local government authority can be found at