Opening of the Taicang plant expansion

Growing together on the global market – with a celebration on the 12th of October, Zollner Electronic Taicang Co., Ltd. opened the expansion of its plant in Taicang, Jiangsu Province, China, to meet the growing demands and requirements of the international market.

Construction of the Taicang expansion started in 2021. With around 17,000 square meters of building space, the new plant building includes a cleanroom, two stories of production space for the population of PCBs and device assembly, a large warehouse area, a large cafeteria and social areas as well as office space. The additional production space takes up an impressive 15,000 square meters and was conceived specifically to increase our production efficiency and capacity and create more jobs. This step underscores Zollner’s long-term vision and commitment to the Taicang region and is a significant milestone in the history of the company.

In the presence of invited guests from regional government, partners and various experts from our sectors, the plant expansion was officially inaugurated on October 12. The event began with a heartfelt greeting from General Manager Yun Qian and Board Spokesman Ludwig Zollner, who emphasized the significance of this milestone to the development of the company, as well as the cross-border collaboration, and thanked all of the people who have supported and accompanied this expansion.

During the ceremony, Member of the Managing Board Markus Aschenbrenner underscored the significance of the Taicang location for the company as well as the performance and commitment at this plant. This expansion represents an investment in the future of the Zollner Group of companies. He emphasized: “We are confident that Taicang offers excellent opportunities and conditions, particularly for the production of complex products, which will unlock further possibilities and potential for our company.”

Expansion of the plant in Taicang is a clear indication of Zollner’s enduring commitment to growth, innovation and customer satisfaction. This not only solidifies the presence of the EMS provider on the global market but at the same time underscores the international orientation and development of the Group of companies.