Smart Retail Specialist Pricer makes Zollner a Production Partner

An automated production line is currently being set up that guarantees “Made in Germany” quality, even with larger quantities, at competitive prices. Delivery of the first electronic shelf labels, also known as digital price tags, is planned for the first half of next year.

“Through our cooperation with Zollner Elektronik AG we hope to continuously improve the satisfaction of our customers”, says Helena Holmgren, Pricer President and CEO. “Our strategic goal of producing where our customers are located will improve our market competitiveness. Furthermore, it contributes to reducing our CO2 footprint.”

The demand in the retail industry for digital store concepts is growing, so Pricer selected another production partner that will expand its existing production sites in China and Thailand. The Swedish company deliberately chose an EMS provider in Europe to be closer to its customers in this critical market. This should shorten delivery times and increase flexibility.

For Markus Aschenbrenner, Member of the Zollner Elektronik AG Managing Board, the partnership with Pricer is an ideal alliance: “Pricer is a leader in innovation in the retail sector we gladly support with our state-of-the-art production technologies. The automated production at one of our German locations allows us to scale the quantity of electronic shelf labels to meet the demand from Pricer with no problem.”