Zollner closely follows the development of the coronavirus

At Zollner Elektronik AG, an internal working group has been working intensively on the development of the coronavirus since the end of January and is constantly deriving suitable measures.

Initially, the working group focused on the Zollner plant in Taicang. This plant was able to resume production on 12 February after official approval by the authorities. A prerequisite was and is the observance of various preventive measures to ensure the best possible health protection for employees in China.

In the meantime, the virus not only affects China, but has spread globally. For this reason, various emergency scenarios with graded reactions have been defined for all Zollner plants worldwide. If necessary, the emergency plans will be implemented in cooperation with the respective local authorities.

Fortunately, no Zollner employee worldwide has been affected by the corona virus so far. Zollner Elektronik AG is doing everything in its power to ensure this continues to be the case.

As one of these preventive measures, all business trips of employees to and from China and other risk areas have been suspended until 31 March 2020. The risk areas are checked daily by the internal working group based on the specifications of the Robert Koch Institute. All other work-related travel activities will be reduced to the absolute minimum necessary until the end of March 2020. Visits to Zollner plants by business partners such as customers or suppliers are suspended without exception until 31 March 2020 if the visitors come from risk areas. All other visit activities have been reduced to the absolutely necessary extent for this period. The affected appointments are held as far as possible as video, web or telephone conferences.

In the areas of purchasing and logistics, Zollner Elektronik AG continuously and very closely checks the inventories and the delivery situation in order to be able to react appropriately and in good time. This is done in close coordination with suppliers and customers. The current situation in all corporate divisions is also monitored without interruption, as things can change very quickly. Zollner Elektronik AG is also in intensive exchange with its customers in this area.