Zollner Elektronik AG - Nadcap Reaccreditation/MERIT Status Renewed

The program is concentrated on the production of high quality electronics products for the Aerospace and Defense sectors. A challenge for performance of the audit was the Covid-19 pandemic with the Delta variant that was predominant at the time. Thus, in unison with the applicable statutory provisions, measures were taken at Zollner Elektronik AG to allow for an on-site audit, while ensuring the risk of contagion was kept at a minimum. At the same time, in coordination with the Nadcap organization performing the audit, the “Performance Review Institute”, the best possible date was identified and selected.

In a total of 5 days of auditing, two German locations, Altenmarkt III and Untergschwandt, were thoroughly examined by an external auditor. In particular during the audit, the various manufacturing processes of electronics production were examined on-site, which must meet the stringent standards of the Nadcap program. In doing so, production processes and their implementation, as well as the associated, comprehensive documentation, were precisely examined to ensure that all requirements have been satisfied.

The result was very positive for Zollner Elektronik AG through which the official reaccreditation was confirmed at the start of 2022. Once again, the Performance Review Institute (PRI) renewed the MERIT status for both locations. This is only awarded when a location has gone through reaccreditation multiple times and can show especially good results. This award extends the duration of the accreditation from 12 to 18 months.