Zollner supplies PCBAs for fully automatic coffee machine

With its “Super Traditional” line, Eversys has brought fully automated coffee machines to the market that combine the knowledge and skills of a Barista with technological precision. Cup-for-cup, sustained top quality is achieved through automation.


In order that only the very best coffee leaves their fully-automated machines in use in industry and gastronomy, Eversys S.A. peeked over the shoulders of professional Baristas and precisely analyzed each and every hand movement. Eversys incorporated these insights into the technical concept of the fully automated coffee machines such that all of a Barista’s steps in preparation have been programmed and can be called up as often as desired.

With this so-called ‘e-Barista’ system, the art of coffee making becomes reproducible with the highest amount of precision. The machines in the “Super Traditional” line, which should bridge the gap between traditional Italian portafilter espresso machines and intelligent, fully automated ones, do not replace the Barista. Even more so they allow Baristas to program all required settings for perfect products. Thus it is guaranteed that her or his creations are served with consistent quality, even when it is produced otherwise. The human Barista enters the flavor profile and recipe - the e-Barista takes over from there.


Perfect processes, perfect result

When the amount of coffee and water and brewing time have been defined, the fully automated coffee machine starts the coffee mill accordingly at the push of a button. The automated “Powder Leveling System” guarantees homogeneous distribution of the coffee grounds, which is otherwise only manually possible with a portafilter. With the help of the ‘Extraction Time Control System’, brew time is electronically monitored and controlled. For foaming the milk by the Barista principle the Eversys fully automated coffee machine has three levels of automation. In all cases the precise amount of milk is calculated so not a drop goes to waste.

And the “Super Traditional” machines have a high level of productivity: the different models can prepare 175 to 525 espressos per hour at a brewing time of 23 seconds. The space requirement here is minimal; fully automated coffee machine width goes from 28cm to 84cm.

The ‘transparent’ fully automated coffee machine

Because fully automated coffee machines are monitored by software, the Eversys customer always has control. In this way the customer can connect a fully automated coffee machine to its ERP system (Enterprise Resource Planning) via the e’Connect Eversys cloud and organize demand-dependent replenishment, thus reducing warehouse storage and always being able to provide fresh coffee. At the same time it becomes transparent how many cups or mugs are being sold.

Maintenance management is also simplified by remote monitoring. An early warning system indicates when the water filter needs replacing or reports technical problems. Thanks to the modular construction of the fully automated machines, this is done in the shortest amount of time. The brewing chamber, grinder, milk module, water/steam unit and hydraulic unit can all easily and separately be replaced with just a few hand motions.

PCBAs from Zollner are the heart of the machine

Eversys fully automated coffee machines are designed to reliably bring top performance in gastronomy and industry. They are operated from a touch screen that presents a large selection of specialty coffees. The PCBAs behind the screen that are responsible for electronic control stem from Zollner Electronics GmbH. The mechatronics service provider from Hombrechtikon delivers the PCBAs to Delisys AG, which as a subsidiary of Eversys S.A. Is responsible for engineering the fully automated coffee machine electronics.

To make swift entrance to the market possible with the “Super Traditional Enigma” line, Delisys looked for a partner that could provide the two populated PCBAs for the displays in the shortest amount of time. It all went very quickly: first contact between the two companies took place at the end of May, 2020. Project start was in June, and by the beginning of September Zollner delivered the first lot of complete PCBAs. “It was a challenge to build up a supply chain for the components at such short notice”, remembers Jack Schlappi, Business Development Manager at Zollner Electronics GmbH. With a high level of testing during industrial engineering and sample production, Zollner ensured minimization of defects at the best possible cost and continued this into serial production.

Quality Swiss work

For Robert Bircher, General Manager at Delisys AG and co-owner of Eversys AG, collaboration with Zollner Elektronik AG bore precisely the desired result: “The quickness and flexibility of Zollner Elektronik AG impressed me. As an example I found the offer to maintain “buffer stock” to cover demand peaks and to take on obsolescence management to be very professional. I was able to depend on everything being delivered on schedule and in the best quality. Reliability and minimizing of risks are key components, particularly when the end product carries the “Swiss made” seal of quality. Zollner places the same high benchmark for the PCBAs produced in Hombrechtikon that Eversys does on its fully automated coffee machines. We think alike, which is why our business relationship could develop so fast and based on partnership.”


On the part of Zollner Elektronik AG, Jack Schlappi assessed the collaboration as very positive: “The cooperation between Zollner Electronics GmbH and Delisys AG was characterized from the beginning by mutual understanding, trust and the willingness to create out-of-the-box approaches to optimal and demand-oriented solutions. We communicated with each other by the shortest means and intensively coordinated our procedure. Zollner Electronics GmbH implemented the requirements in a targeted way, such as with express procurement, flexible and adaptive production planning of the electronic PCBs and a test concept that has been optimized for costs and benefits. This way the ambitious specifications, among them STM (Short Time to Market), could be completely fulfilled. We are happy with our comprehensive know-how in the matters of supply chain management, production and testing procedures to have been allowed to make an active contribution to the success of Eversys SA and Delisys AG and with that to enhanced drinking pleasure according to the Barista procedure.