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Coldplasmatech – CPT®cubes

“Zollner Implements CPT®cubes for Coldplasmatech’s Revolutionary, Effective Method for Treating Wounds”

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Customer and product:

Coldplasmatech GmbH, based in Greifswald, Germany, emerged as a spin-off from the Leibniz Institute for Plasma Science and Technology e.V. Greifswald. Founded by Dr. Carsten Mahrenholz (CEO) and Tobias Güra (COO), the company offers groundbreaking treatment for chronic wounds that even helps kill multi-resistant germs thanks to the patented, unique “Active-Glow technology” found in its CPT®patch and CPT®cube products. Wounds that have been open for years can be completely closed with the help of “Active-Glow technology” with just a few treatments over a period of a few weeks. The application is guideline-compliant, fast, simple, painless, and can be used on any wound, no matter how large or deep it is. The products are Class IIb approved and have a distinct advantage over other plasma products on the market, as they are applied as patches. Patients can visit one of the certified CPT.Plasma.Competence.Centers (CPT.Plasma.Kompetenz.Zentrum) around Germany to access this successful treatment.

The company and its founders have been honored with a number of prestigious awards, including the German Innovation Award and most recently “MedTech Company of the Year 2022 (Europe)” for its CPT.Treatment Centers (CPT.Behandlungszentren) concept.

The CPT®patch is a sterile, active, single-use wound dressing. During treatment, a physical plasma is generated between the wound and the underside of the CPT®patch in the form of a glow skin. The combination of physical mechanisms of action – the generation of alternating electric fields, light in the UV and infrared range, formation of ions and radicals – leads to the physical plasma creating an antimicrobial effect and promotes wound healing.

Zollner Elektronik AG took over series production of the CPT®cubes. With Zollner at its side, Coldplasmatech has a reliable partner that not only takes care of the series production of the CPT®cubes, but also provides additional services alongside its pure EMS service that are driven by expert knowledge, such as support in the product approval and logistics processes. For this reason, the partnership will continue and expand in the future.

What was the challenge of the project?

In order for Coldplasmatech’s new treatment unit to be widely used across the market, the CPT®cube had to be developed further so it was ready for series products. That meant it was Zollner Elektronik AG’s task to understand the device, to translate its specifications into manufacturing processes, and to establish a reproducible and error-free series production process, including the required documentation and test steps. Special attention also had to be paid to the surface finish of the product to ensure it could withstand coming into regular contact with disinfectant.

Furthermore, how the logistics processes were handled was a key part of the project, as this was vital to ensuring excellent customer service and efficient production.

What solution did Zollner find?

Zollner Elektronik AG combined all its expert knowledge of its state-of-the-art technologies and services – mechanics, inductive components, cable assembly, high-level assembly, electronics including system integration, test setup, as well as production and test equipment – for the technical implementation of the CPT®cube. The complete system was manufactured, specially surface-coated, labeled, and finally made ready for series production at Zollner in a very short space of time.

Zollner also supported Coldplasmatech by providing its expert knowledge during all the relevant approval tests in the certification process and formally prepared and pre-checked the necessary documentation.

To ensure that the customer’s logistical requirements are met, Zollner takes care of the entire logistics process – right up to delivery directly to the specialist medical user, the CPT.Plasma.Competence.Centers.

Thanks to a repair/refurbish service and maintenance contract, Zollner also guarantees the permanent functionality of the CPT®cube along the entire product life cycle by carrying out repairs as well as overhauls in-house.

What our customer says about the partnership:

“We value our partnership with Zollner, as we have the same demands when it comes to quality, professionalism, and cooperation, and we are equals in the process.”
Tobias Güra, Managing Director, Coldplasmatech

“Since we are a start-up with a globally unique product, it stands to reason that we also have globally unique (technological) challenges. But in Zollner Elektronik AG, we have the perfect partner at our side to overcome these challenges thanks to its more than 50 years of experience in many fields/sectors of the electronics industry, its extensive inhouse technology and processes, and the experience that comes with that.”
Dr. Martin Polak, Head of Research and Development, Coldplasmatech