Success Stories

Disruptive Technologies

„Zollner manufactures the world’s smallest wireless sensor for a Norwegian IoT startup“

Zollner services in the areas of: Preparing the product for industrial production. Serial production.

What solution did Zollner find?

For the conversion of the prototype into a marketable product that can be produced in large-scale serial production, Zollner Elektronik AG worked for two years on a completely custom-designed production line and constantly improved on it. We adapted existing and known technologies to the new requirements and applied new and novel technologies as well. The manufacturing line employs techniques like wire bonding, laser cutting, vacuum forming, resin casting and massive robotization. Combining these techniques in innovative ways has resulted in a very cost efficient and high quality manufacturing process.

This is what our customer says about our collaboration:

„Zollner Elektronik AG is a consummate partner for Disruptive Technologies. With its uncompromising attention to producibility, reproducibility and quality it was able to convert our concepts into stable large-scale serial production. Its networks, know-how and knowledge of reliable suppliers and subcontractors made it possible to establish automated processes for the assembly and efficient handling of our miniature devices.“
Pippa Boothman, Vice President Marketing & Communications at Disruptive Technologies