University Graduates

Trainee Program

Optimal preparation for the working world as specialist staff or members of management comes from our exciting 18-month Trainee Program. We are looking for ambitious students to take responsibility for themselves and their environment.

Trainee Program: "Specialist Trainee"

Can you already see your career path clearly? As a specialist trainee we offer you a later position in your desired field with us in a targeted manner.

Trainee Program: "Going Global"

Is the world your home? Have you been fostering the desire for an international career because of your affinity for foreign cultures? We will train you to be an International Project Manager and thus optimally prepare you for subsequent deployment to one of our locations outside of Germany.

General Trainee Program

Not quite sure which direction to take? With our General Trainee Program all options are open to you. You'll go through various specialist departments, thus gaining deep insight into our structures and processes.

Direct Entrance

Want to get started right after your studies are complete? Use your studies as a springboard toward a career chocked full of prospects. Did you already gather enough practical experience during your studies and already see your success story unraveling? Our direct entrance program offers you the chance to start your career immediately. After an established orientation phase, you will be able to quickly take on responsibility in the company.

Whether you earned your Bachelor's or Master's degree, we offer you the potential of utilizing your talents in the most widely varied areas:

  • Marketing & Business Development
  • Supplier Relationship Management
  • Product Lifecycle Management
  • Operations
  • Administrative Sectors