Conventional studying is not an option for you because of the missing practical experience? Then you are in the right place with us! Our courses of study with deep practical experience offer you the opportunity of actively joining us in our company alongside your university studies and collecting valuable experience. Whether in the technical or business realm - you can get a whiff of practical experience air.

Our work-study courses

We network very closely with our partner universities. You have the opportunity of choosing from the following study courses and the partner universities listed with them.


 DeggendorfDEGRegensburgRAmberg-WeidenAMWENLandshutLAStuttgartSTC ChamCHA

Bachelor of Engineering (m/f),
major in Electronics and IT


Bachelor of Engineering (m/f),
major in Mechanical Engineering


Bachelor of Engineering (m/f),
major in Mechatronics

xx  xx

Bachelor of Engineering (m/f),
major in Industrial Engineering

x xxx 

Bachelor of Engineering (m/f),
major in Information Management

xx x  

Bachelor of Engineering (m/f),
major in Computer Science

 x xx 

Bachelor of Engineering (m/f),
major in Technical IT

 x  x 

Bachelor of Engineering (m/f),
major in Applied Computer Science/Informatics




 DeggendorfDEGRegensburgRAmberg-WeidenAMWENLandshutLAStuttgartSTC ChamCHA

Bachelor of the Arts (m/f),
major in Business Administration


Bachelor of the Arts (m/f),
major in International Management



What to bring with you

For a ...

  • Work-study study course at Bavarian universities: Technical diploma
  • Work-study study course at DHBW (Duale Highschool Baden-Württemberg) in Stuttgart: general or subject-linked university entrance qualification

Did you discover an interesting study course?

Then apply through our Career Portal: Here you can find our current offers for work-study programs with deepened practical experience for your start into 2019. We are looking forward to your job application!

If you have any more questions, please contact your contact person Marcella Schießl, Human Resources Management, Tel.: +49 9944 201-9057, E-mail.

Practical Training Abroad

Our work-study students have the opportunity of completing practical training abroad at one of our international locations.
Let our apprentices tell you themselves:

My Practical Training Abroad in Milpitas

As part of my work-studies at Zollner Elektronik AG, the opportunity arose for me to complete a part of my practical experience semester in the US American plant in Milpitas.

That I would like to collect some experience abroad became very clear early on in my Business Administration study at TH Deggendorf. When Zollner indeed made a stay in Silicon Valley possible, a huge opportunity opened up for me.

After some organizational preparation, I started out toward San Francisco, 9,500 kilometers away. It was clear even on the way out of the airport to our accommodations that Milpitas is nothing like our Bavarian Zandt. While the company is the focal point in Zandt, it tends more to be rather inconspicuous among the big global players here, like Google, Facebook, HP, etc. Still the name Zollner is spreading out farther and farther and now several renowned companies are part of our customer portfolio.

I was able to do my part to improve the organization in Milpitas and worked on topics for Human Resources Management (HR) and Controlling (CO). I worked on the “job description project” for HR and revised job descriptions at the location in the course of doing so.  I adapted them to new guidelines and even drafted entirely new descriptions. What I liked most about that was the cooperation with employees from all departments. I routinely verified my results with them. Thus I was able to gain insight into the fields of activity for all of the positions existing there and obtain a comprehensive view of how customer inquiries are processed in the office and are finally executed in production. The knowledge that I was able to set up in Production during my tour helped me greatly. Business administration not only means processing and assessing data on the PC, the job of Controlling requires above all a good understanding of processes.

Along with my HR project, I was also able to perform several evaluations for the Controlling department. These were mostly related to confirmation times and the inventory in Milpitas. This took some self-initiative because these kinds of evaluations needed to be newly developed. But even here I was able to count on my colleagues, who were always there to help and who supplied me with the appropriate information. In general, I took the people here to heart very quickly and real friendships were made. Alongside work, I was also able to gain some personal experience. I got to know persons from the most widely varied cultures, and it was always fascinating to discuss customs with them. After work and on the weekends I had the chance to explore the west coast. A huge highlight, along with San Francisco and some places directly on the coast, was the Grand Canyon. Simply breathtaking the landscape phenomena that region has to offer!

Altogether it can be said that I gained a lot of experience occupationally, linguistically and personally. It is for all of this that I would like to thank everyone who made this time possible and those who supported me during my time outside of Germany.    

Stephanie Arbinger

My Practical Training Abroad in Taicang

The time had come again on the evening of the 26th of May: I started out headed for Munich in order to fly to China to spend a part of my practical experience semester in the Taicang plant.

The decision to apply for practical training abroad started in the back of my mind already as an apprentice at Zollner, when I received the acceptance letter for a work-study program with a major in the field of Mechatronics. It was important to me to collect this valuable experience abroad by working in a foreign country with a different culture and language.

My area of responsibility in Taicang was tending to a sample production line together with my Chinese contact person. Thus I wrote protocol software in C# with which all measured values can be evaluated and entered into an clearly arranged excel protocol. On top of that I was able to design a printed circuit board, which will now be utilized to perform a calibration process. Service, maintenance work and updating always needed to be performed on the sample production line. Another task was to help support the set up new test systems for serial production.

During my time off work I undertook a lot of things with colleagues or new friends in order to better understand the Chinese mentality outside of the work environment. It wasn’t long before I became part of the company soccer team. Most of my weekends were spent with travels to explore other parts of China and Asia. My first journey was to Tokyo. I often traveled to Shanghai as the metropolis can be reached in just a little over two hours. The destination of another excursion was Xi’an, a good 1,350 kilometers off, which was the Chinese capital city prior to Beijing. What fascinated me in particular in Xi’an was the Terra Cotta Army, 8,000 life-size clay warriors. I took a trip to Beijing in August and visited a few other smaller cities in the area.

To close I can say that the country and people in this country have grown very dear to me. China is much more than most people imagine, whether it’s the tasty food, the people's warmheartedness or readiness to help. China is actually far ahead of the rest of us in many things, electromobility in particular. I hope my return to Germany on August 22nd is not a permanent farewell.  I want to thank everyone who made this unforgettable month possible for me.

Thomas Lankes