We as Employers

What we Offer

We know our employees give their very best for us. We also know how important this dedication and commitment is to us.

We want to honor this readiness to perform. See for yourself the impressive scope of benefits we offer our employees. We offer...

... a broad pallet of individual internal and external training programs in all divisions of the company to support our employees along their career paths in a targeted way

... additional monetary and non-monetary benefits like company pension plan, vacation pay and Christmas bonus, transportation allowances or inexpensive food and drink at the cafeteria

... a multifaceted job offering due to our diverse business sectors and broad spectrum of services

... a corporate culture characterized by family-like togetherness.

... attractive career opportunities together with the high quality of living and recreational options in our Cham region. Things you can benefit from can be found on the Cham Rural District website: www.landkreis-cham.de