Services & PLM

Complex mechatronic systems from research & development all the way to after-sales service

As a mechatronic systems service provider, we support you all along the entire value-added chain: from customer-specific development and design at the beginning of the product lifecycle through sample and serial production, including supply chain management and materials management, and all the way to after-sales service.

And it goes without saying that you can benefit from our expertise for single components and modules as well as for devices and systems. Only your requirements determine our level of process depth.

We not only have the same systems, machines and processes at all of our locations but also offer the same high level of quality, flexibility and surety.

We place special value in continuous further education and training for our employees, enabling us to optimally use these technologies and systems for you.

We have included our employees as well as all production processes, services and business processes, into the framework of our Continuous Improvement Process (CIP). The goals are the highest level of efficiency and effectiveness. To best serve our customers, we take advantage of the Six Sigma method. The avoidance of waste (Muda) is a given for us.

Put us to the test! We very much look forward to win you over with our services. You can find more about our options on the following pages.