After-Market Services

Service concepts for your products that fully meet your requirements

Limitless Customer Support

Our service does not end with the delivery of your products. Even after the serial production phase, we offer comprehensive support to our portfolio of customers, such as for Medical Technology, Rail Technology, Industrial Electronics and many more industrial sectors.

We are happy to take on the complex tasks and duties of After-Sales Support for our customers. This includes Material Availability, Spare Parts Management, End of Life Management, Last-Time Buying or Obsolescence Management and more – this we also gladly do for products we produce.

Our expert service specialists are happy to develop a service concept that fully meets your requirements.

Optimal Repair Service for our Customers

From service concepts specific to the customer all the way to worldwide delivery, you benefit from our optimized Repair Service for PCBs, Modules, Devices and Complex Systems.

Specially trained employees affect repairs to our customers’ products in accordance with IPC 7711/7721 and IPC 610 – regardless of the manufacturer, which means even for products that we did not produce.

For example, we assume complete materials procurement and storage of defective parts, disassembly, repair and assembly, as well as final functional testing of complex devices. A detailed repair report rounds off our broad spectrum of services.

Quality assured maintenance & servicing for your products

Through extensive know-how and decades of experience, we cover the full value-added chain in the area of refurbishment. Zollner offers complete services for upgrading electronic units, devices and systems in order further to guarantee the marketability of your products.

Our goal is to extend the useful service life of your products with quality-assured maintenance and service measures to extend their remarketing. With that we make a significant mutual contribution to environmental protection.