As an Electronics Manufacturing Services provider, we offer our customers services for their products along the entire product lifecycle.  Product complexity here ranges from single parts and printed circuit boards, all the way to modules and mechatronic systems.

Using DFx methods of process development, New Product Introduction (NPI) begins in the early stages of product development.

 Our Simultaneous Engineering procedures guarantee ideal synergy between product development and process development.

We assess diverse scenarios to create optimal production concepts based on customer requirements.

As part of our development of a digital production system, we take advantage of Digital Factory, simulation and methods like MTM or value stream mapping so that we can already optimize the system for your product during planning phases using digital models.

Early planning and realization of the production system is accomplished together with our in-house and external partners based on a digital product and production system.

Our processes allow us to simulate product and process qualification for individual sample phases, all the way to ramp-up, attuned to each individual customer.

The task for us at the nucleus of New Product Introduction is to support you in preparing your products for industrial production with swift "Time to Market".

DfX (Design for Excellence)

  • DfM (Design for Manufacturing)
  • DfT (Design for Testability)
  • DfA (Design for Assembly)
  • DfC (Design for Cost)

DfA (Design for Assembly)

DfT (Design for Testability)

DfM (Design for Manufacturing)