Obsolescence Management

The key to long-term availability for your products

The production capability of electronic assemblies depends on the the availability of utilized components, especially semiconductors, which often have a much shorter lifecycle than the product in which they are utilized.

In order to minimize resulting risks, our OM system already takes effect during new product development. Critical components are recorded by lifecycle analyses across two electronic databases and are replaced with alternatives, if needed. You receive real time information regarding product discontinuation or relevant changes during the serial production phase through our reliable PCN data management.

Even if you need your products many years after the end of serial production, we can electronically monitor the availability of critical components and reliably stock the required remaining coverage at manageable cost.

The Zollner Obsolescence Management System covers your products’ complete lifecycle and relies on strategic partnerships with you and our suppliers.

Research & Development - Serial Production - After-sales Service

Zollner Elektronik AG spectrum of services:

  • filtered forwarding of information to customers
  • securing the demand for discontinued components for all time
  • clarification of the reproduction of electronic components
  • additional inspections in Receiving for broker purchases
  • verification of counterfeit risks using external databases
  • long-term storage with preservation measures for components and assemblies
  • automated monitoring of key components
  • assembly redesign
  • lifecycle analyses and alternative component clarification.