Research and Development

Complex Mechatronic Systems, from an idea through to Life Cycle Engineering

Competence right from the start

Our Research and Development team provides you with worldwide support in the realization of your ideas. You decide into which development phase you would like us to become involved. Participation in creation of performance requirements, concept determination and assessment of solutions, research & development/design, sample creation, integration or testing.

You can select from our manifold fields of competence in the areas of project management, PCB design, electronics, software, mechanics and quality.

We possess the following expertise in the development of complex mechatronic systems:

  • Interdisciplinary competence
  • Application of efficient methods and tools
  • Standardized, stable processes
  • Innovative solutions

Competitive advantage for our customers

These strengths represent a clear competitive advantage for our customers. As your research and development partner, you can transfer to us sub-tasks or full responsibility for your project.

At very early stages we take into account what should later be produced and/or tested. In this way we safeguard product quality right from the start. We are also happy to consult with you during component and material selection - always with a look toward the optimal price-performance ratio.

We utilize global synergies created by our international network of competence. Together we will build upon ground-breaking concepts, foresighted ideas and strategic thinking and acting.

Our strength lies in linking various areas of expertise to complex mechatronic systems.

Through our collaboration with trade associations, research institutes, universities and colleges, we have access to a large network with various partners

Project Management

Central contact for

  • Customers
  • Vendors/suppliers
  • Research & Development departments (RDE, RDS, RDM, RDL, RDQ)
  • Production
  • Management


  • Project planning
  • Project organization
  • Project communication
  • Project controlling


  • Development of inductive components, switching and control applications for complete systems in
    • Power Electronics
    • Optoelectronics
    • Embedded Systems
    • High frequency
  • System design
  • Simulations:
  • Electronic (digital/analog)
  • 3-D magnetics
  • Tools:
    • Mentor Graphics
    • Altium
    • EPLAN

PCB Mechanics Design

  • PCB design of single-sided to hdi multilayer boards - optimized for serial production
    • Rigid, flexible and RigidFlex PCBs
    • Copper structure > 75 μm
    • Blind, buried vias
    • Impedance-controlled signal transmission
      (signal/power integrity)
    • Bidirectional interfaces between mechanical and electrical design
    • Chip-on-Board design
  • Materials for improved heat dissipation
    • Thick copper technology
    • Insulated metal substrate
  • Layout assessment and adaptation in regard to production optimization at Zollner (DFM, DFT, etc.)


  • CAD development of single parts, devices and complete mechatronic systems
  • Materials: Metal, plastic, composites
  • DFx
  • Simulations
  • software-supported tolerance analysis
  • Joining technologies
  • CAD tools:
    • SolidWorks
    • Creo Parametric
    • CATIA V5
    • Solid Edge
  • CAD data repair:
    • 3D Evolution
  • Rapid Prototyping:
    • Laser sintering (polyamide)


Software development using the V-model system thought process

  • Embedded software
    • Favored controllers: ST-Micro, NXP, Infineon AURIX
    • Other controllers: Renesas RL78,, RH850
    • Programmer languages: C, C++
  • PC Software
    • Microsoft Windows
    • GUI and background software
    • Programmer languages: C++, C#
    • Favored chips: Altera Max Series II, V, 10 Altera Cyclone Series II, III, IV, V Altera Arria V
    • Programmer language: VHDL


  • Quality planning
    • Risk evaluation
    • Requirements management
    • FMEA
    • Review
  • Product qualification
    • Mechanical type testing
    • Environmental simulation
    • Endurance testing
  • Functional testing
    • Electrical testing
    • Hardware in the loop (HiL)
  • In-house laboratories
    • Pre-compliance EMC laboratory (180 m²)
    • Environmental testing center (800 m²)
    • Optical laboratory (20 m²)
  • Product accreditation/certification management from certified offices
  • Tools
    • NI LabView
    • NI TestStand