Traceability - Gapless Traceability

We offer our customers the option of guaranteeing the traceability of single finished parts and all the way to modules, devices and complete systems with a globally standardized traceability process. This includes the recording of material, process and inspection data at the single item level.

In order to realize the entirety of traceability along the value-added chain, our production facilities are interconnected via standardized interfaces to the MES (Manufacturing Execution System).

The system is also utilized to control complex production lines, to interlock processes with one another and ensure a revision-protected manufacturing process. Every assembly can be unquestionably identified at any time based on its serial number, and its production status can be queried.  This procedure mostly serves the minimizing of risks in the event of loss for the customers of Zollner Elektronik AG. Thus compiled data can be accessed regarding evaluations and defined KPIs.

In case of a defect, we are able to identify possibly affected material batches/lots using the unique Zollner serial number or a customer serial number linked to it. It is possible with this information to prevent processing of the affected material, to block assemblies in a targeted manner and to prevent delivery to the customer. In the case of a recall, affected serial numbers can be passed to the customer in a targeted manner in order to limit costs to the minimum.

Traceability on the basis of our MES is the foundation for our interconnected production. With that we have established the prerequisites for implementing the future requirements of Industry 4.0.