Electronics is our DNA: We are well equipped for the production of any electronics. We offer flexible and reliable individual services based on your requirements – what your market needs. 

EMS all-round service in electronics manufacturing

In the field of electronics, we offer a full range of EMS services – from the production of PCBs to complete devices and systems. We are by your side along the entire process chain. We have access to cutting-edge equipment for assembly (SMT, THT) and testing. Our services in and around module production and testing encompass all combinations of technologies, including special, product-specific processes. We offer customers both lead technology and lead-free technology (RoHS and reach compliant) for all processes.

Overview of our electronics expertise

IPC certificates

Our team of qualified, experienced, and professional employees is what allows us to master complex processes and technologies. To maintain the qualified staff we need to achieve this, we provide in-house training centers for employee qualification to bolster their skills and capabilities. Here, in addition to individual manual soldering training in accordance with a German industry standard (www.avle-training.de), IPC certifications for all common standards are also carried out with our own trainers. Separate facilities are available for SMT and THT process training at Zollner's in-house technical center.