Inductive Components

Inductive components are essential for power conversion in electronics and protect equipment and systems from interference or overloads.

High-end coils for all your industries

Our services in and around high-end coils include high-precision single-unit production, automatic small batch production, as well as highly automated large-scale production. This encompasses coils built to the customer’s exact specifications as well as fully new designs developed and industrialized specifically for the client. The service begins in the initial design stages and continues through to serial production all the way to the end of product life. Our wide range of products includes everything from compact SMT coils and power transformers to toroidal and planar coils. To ensure we are able to find the solution that optimally meets the needs of every customer, we rely on comprehensive customer-specific consulting covering all aspects related to inductive components as well as high flexibility and quality in design.

Inductive components for our industries

Automotive Technology

such as

  • for power electronics or electric motors for electric vehicles
  • starter and generator coils for the most widely varied vehicle models


such as in

  • power supply or switching network parts in rail applications (also including the Transrapid rail system)
  • signaling equipment for rail traffic

Aerospace & Defense

such as in

  • power supply for seat lighting
  • emergency power supply in passenger planes

Healthcare & Life Sciences

such as in

  • switching power supplies for magnetic resonance scanners (MRI)
  • high-voltage power supplies for X-ray generators
  • control mechanisms for anesthesia devices

Test & Measurement

such as in

  • measuring coils (application for gas and water pipes and tubing)
  • current and voltage coils for dynamic counters
  • single-phase isolating safety transformers for electronic counters

Industrial Electronics

such as in

  • the most widely varied applications in almost all areas of the industry

Data Technology

such as in

  • ATM sensor units
  • high-voltage power supplies in high-performance printers